102-M1x1 Series

102-M1x1 Series is a 1-axis Motion Controller Motionnet® slave module. TPM provides various connectors for servo drives of:

  • Delta A2/3 Series  (102-M121-DA2/DA2B -NE)
  • Mitsubishi J3/4 Series (102-M131-MJ4/MJ4B -NE)
  • Yaskawa sigma II/V Series (102-M141-YS5/YS5B -NE)
  • Panasonic A4/5/6 Series (102-M171-PA4/PA4B -NE)
  • Sanyo Q/R Series (102-M151-SAN -NE)
  • Oriental α Series (102-M191-TAR -NE)
  • General purpose Servo/Stepping Motor Drives (102-M1A1-GEN -NE)


● 1-Axis Motion Connector

● Max. 20Mbps transfer rate

 Max. 6.5MHz pulse output rate

 28-bit counter for incremental encoder

 Programmable acceleration and deceleration time

 T-curve and S-curve velocity profiles support

 Change speed / position on–the-fly

 Easy installation for servo or stepping motor driver

 Dimensions: L-79 x W-53 x H-17mm