The 207-ADIO-KIT is an 8-channel Analog Input (AI), 2-channel Analog Output (AO), 8-channel Digital Input (DI) and 8-channel Digital Output (DO) slave module with the pluggable terminal block. With EtherCAT® control, it will lead to fast ethernet and full-duplex serial interface. The transmission speed is up to 100 Mbps. The digital slave can connect different slaves serially with cable CAT5 UTP/STP ethernet cable. 207-ADIO-KIT also supports TwinCAT with ESI File, and Object Dictionary (OD) of PDO and SDO. 


207-ADIO-KIT has passed RSI-ECAT Certificate. Click me for English version test report. Click me for Japanese version test report.


● 8 Ch. Analog Input / 2 Ch. Analog Output slave module

● 8 Ch. Digital Input / 8 Ch, Digital Output slave module

● Max. 100Mbps transfer rate

● Easy installation with RJ45 phone jack and LED diagnostic

● Liable to do Al/O & Dl/O test with toggle and rotary switch

● DIN rail mounting (L-122 x W-124 x H-104 mm)