The EZC-D120-SX is a 16-channel Digital Input slave module of TPM EtherCAT® Add-on modules with NPN/PNP type. EZC-D120-SX can support local CAN bus through CAN Coupler, EZC-N100. With EtherCAT® control, it will lead to fast ethernet and full-duplex serial interface. The transmission speed is up to 100 Mbps. EZC Add-on moduels can provide high-speed, high-accuracy and low-cost remote I/O for EtherCAT®.



● 16-Ch. DI slave module with NPN/PNP type

● TPM EtherCAT® add-on module

● Local bus support with CAN

● Pluggable terminal block with spring plug connectors

● DIN rail mounting (L-97 x W-100 x H-12 mm)