Motionnet® Master

Motionnet® Slave


Motionnet® Features

  • Wire-Saving

One Motionnet® Master chip supports 64 slave devices including digital input/output, analog input/output, pulse counter, temperature and motion control modules. Through Ethernet cables, slave devices are connected in a linear topology. It reduces a lot of wiring complexity and cable cost.

  • Long-Distance

The maxium distance of Motionnet is 100M with remote controlling. 

  • High-Speed

Motionnet® is a high speed serial communication system with data transfer rate at up to 20 Mbps. 

  • Time-Deterministic

The data change time of a specified module for both types of commands are predictable by a simple formula. With time deterministic feature of Motionnet®, which is a very important issue for real-time application requirements provides a perfect framework for factory and machinery automation systems.



Motionnet® System Configurations

  Motionnet® transfers 4 bytes of data in 15.1μsec for cyclic communication. The cyclic communication command is executed every clock cycle processing 4 bytes of the reserved memory spaces for specific commands. Others are transmitted in a communication frame.