2018 Boston AIA the Vision Show

2018 AIA the Vision Show had ended successfully on April 12 in Boston.

This year, we cooperated with iBase to have this exhibition show in the Boston AIA Exhibition.


We had two demostrations of TPM products.

The first one is EtherCAT Star-Kits which includes SPC-3204D, STP-K121-KIT and 207-ADIO-KIT.
With TPM utility, ECATNavi, Master and slaves can all operate on the software.
It will be very easy to show the users what TPM products are working on the application.


The other one is 3-Axis Auto-Alignment stage which includes SPC-6212, STP-M112A and 3-Axis alignment stage.
With two PoE ports and four analog output, SPC-6212 can connect with two cameras and do the lighting control.
The 3-Axis Auto-Alignment stage can be used as the AOI inspection, e.g. check the components of PCB, and so on.