2018 JapanITWeek Exhibition (ESEC)

2018 Japan IT Week had ended successfully on May 11th in Japan.

This year, we were glad to cooperate with iBase and igus to have this exhibition show.


We had two demostrations of TPM products.

The first one is the EtherCAT Star-Kits that include SPC-3204D, 207-K121-KIT and 207-ADIO-KIT.

With TPM utility, ECATNavi, EtherCAT Master and slaves can all operate on the software.
It is very easy to show the users what TPM products are working on different applications.

We also show our TPM videos on the right-hand side of the screen to let customers more familiar with TPM products.


The other one is 5-axis igus robolink with Motionnet and 3D camera demo which include five STP-M112A microstep drivers.

STP-M112A can control the stepper motor in the igus robot to make the arm move.
We also have our utility test the 5-axis igus robolink movement, such as, pick and place application.

The 3D camera can show the distance by only one camera.