PCE-L122-DCO PCI Express Motionnet Master Card Released

Advanced  PCI Express Motionnet Master Card PCE-L122-DCO

Advanced  PCI Express Motionnet Master Card PCE-L123-DCO




  • PCI Express x1 compliant 
  • Max. 20Mbps transfer rate 
  • Max. 2 Rings of Motionnet ® master 
  • Max. 192 Motionnet slave modules supported
  • Easy installation with RJ45 phone jack and LED diagnostic 
  • Hardware IC with unique id 


  • Number of Ring: 2 (PCE-L122-DCO)
  • Number of Ring: 3 (PCE-L123-DCO) 
  • Serial interface: half duplex RS-485 with transformer isolation 
  • Cable type: CAT5 UTP/STP Ethernet cable
  • Surge protection: 10KV 
  • Transmission speed: 2.5Mbps ,5Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps 
  • Data flow control : automatic 
  • Communication distance: Max. 100m (20Mbps/32 slave module) 
  • Slave module function: digital I/O slave module 
  • A/B phase encoder counters x 2 
  • General purpose digital input x 4 
  • General purpose digital output x 4 
  • High speed programmable square signal generator x 2 
  • High speed 1024 FIFO Latch x 4 (Max. 10KHz per Channel.) 
  • High speed 1024 FIFO Position Compare output x 2 (Max. 100KHz per Channel.)