The PCE-M114-GL is an advanced motion controller consisting of 2 main parts, 4-axis motion controller, and high-speed real-time network extension, Motionnet. The 4-axis motion control provides 2 to 4 axes linear interpolation, 2-axis circular interpolation and also continuous interpolation with velocity continuity. It provides 13 homing modes for different machine designs. It also provides position compare and trigger output functions to apply to other applications, like on-the-fly image acquisition. The position latch and interrupt functions let users widely utilize with other applications like machine tool length measurement. The PCE-M114-GL provides servo drive/motor dedicated digital I/O interfaces, for example, ALM, INP, and ERC and also machine dedicated digital I/O interfaces, for example, ORG, PEL, and EMG. These dedicated I/O signals guarantee the functionality via hardware and therefore reduces the loading of software.


● PCI Express x1 compliant

● On-board 4-axis motion control with Max. 6.5MHz pulse output rate

● 1 Rings of Motionnet® Master

● Max. 64 Motionnet® slave modules support

● Linear, circular, helical and continuous interpolation

● High speed position latch function

● Programmable acceleration and deceleration time 

● Programmable pulse output and interrupt

● Position compare and trigger output

● Compare output FIFO x 2

● Manual pulse generator

● General purpose isolated I/O : 3 DI and 4 DO

● Hardware IC with unique ID