The PCE-M134 is the economic Motion Control Card. The 4-axis motion control provides 2 to 4 axes linear interpolation. It provides 2 homing modes for different machine designs. It also provides position compare and trigger output functions to apply to other applications, like on-the-fly image acquisition. The PCE-M134 provides servo drive/motor dedicated digital I/O interfaces, for example, ALM, INP, and ERC and also machine dedicated digital I/O interfaces, for example, ORG, PEL, and EMG. These dedicated I/O signals guarantee the functionality via hardware and therefore reduces the loading of software.



● On-board 4-axis motion control with Max. 2.4MHz pulse output rate

● Programmable acceleration and deceleration time

● Programmable pulse output and interrupt

● Position compare and trigger output

● Compare output FIFO x 4