PCI-L122-DSF master control card is designed for users who need to quickly and easily develop applications such as motion control and controls of I/O. PCI-L122-DSF is a standard PCI master control card with high speed real-time network extension called Motionnet. Motionnet is a new series of communicating system designed for versatile automation applications. PCI-L122-DSF is designed following the Standard PCI form factor. This master can connect up to 64x2=128 slave modules. There are 3 categories of the slave modules, for motion control, digital I/O and miscellaneous functions.


● Max. 20Mbps transfer rate

● 2 Rings of Motionnet® Master

● Max. 128 Motionnet® slave modules supported

● Easy installation with RJ45 phone jack and LED diagnostic

● General purpose isolated I/O : 8 DI and 8 DO

● Hardware IC with unique ID